About Me

Hi , I am Mutahar. A 25 years old Indian who works for MNC company like every other typical Indian and an Coffee addict. I love to hang out with friends and travel to different places.

I was never a book reader nor did it cross my mind ever. I used to ask my bookaholic friends why do they read books instead of just watching them as web series/movies and they tell me what is like to read a book. I wondered and wondered what they are talking about and one fine day I thought let’s give it a try and i started with a Non Fiction book. It felt great, inspiring and good way to kill time and gain knowledge and there the journey began.

The Blog:

I’m an average reader/writer. I wanted to improve myself better than what I am today, so I started making notes from what I take away from reading books, day to day activities and some life lessons. One fine day I gathered all of my courage to start blogging by which I can seek feedbacks, suggestions, give life to my words and here I stand.

Here you will find books I am reading, quotes which inspires me and book reviews. Stick around and please do subscribe or leave a comment! I would love to know your views and opinions about the things I post.