A Bus Ride: and other short stories – Biswajit Nath

Being modern is not any achievement, being mature is.

–Biswajit Nath

My Rating: 5 / 5 Star

This book was recommended to me by a GR friend and I downloaded it immediately as I love to read short stories but this book is extremely short, its just a 20 minutes read at the max.

The book has 3 short yet beautiful stories and the book is named after one of those stories.

  1. The Bookstall by the station
  2. A Bus Ride
  3. Romola and her three sisters

Every story creates a connection it’s the reader, the writing is neat, narration was good and plot was excellent. Each story has some beautiful life morals, emotional and creates an impact that has long-lasting effect. I wish the author could have added some more stories.

First story – “The Bookstall by the station” talks about how digital world has screwed the life’s of small vendors. Although eBooks helps in saving papers which in-turn reduces cutting trees, but it also affects the business of small book vendors. Change is something inevitable and one has to embrace it in the race of life.

Second story – “A Bus Ride” talks about racism, difference between city and village life or I would rather say it’s people. The line which I loved from this story – Being modern is not any achievement, being mature is.

Third story – “Romola and her three sisters” talks about importance of education in a girl’s life in simple yet impacting way.

Recommended: Definitely YES


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