Alumni of the Year – Tomson Robert

Worry cannot make anything better. On the contrary, it can make things worse than it already is.

My Rating: 5 / 5 stars

People stuck in the corporate world – it’s a must read book to re-live your life.

Are you the workaholic person whose greed to want more never ends? Do you have a demanding Boss? Do you find difficulties with your work life balance? Are you an atheist or are you a firm believer in existence of the almighty? Then this is the book for you. This book talks about the human machines we are becoming who is stuck in the rat race to want more. The narration of the book is very simple, lucid, relatable to reality, gripping and a light read which one would finish in a single sitting.

Dave works as Consultant in JW Associates in Dubai and is working round the clock anticipating for promotion.  He never believed in the existence of God right from his childhood and he knows how to get his needs done exactly. Due to his full dedication to work, he takes his family and friends for granted because of which his five-year-old daughter started to distance herself from him and even started saying ‘I don’t want Papa. Only Mama’ more over time. To make matters even worse, he has a demanding Boss and a very big project coming their way for which they need to work day and night. When he comes to know that his old friend turned adversary is taking part in the ‘Alumni of the Year’ competition during school reunion to be held sooner, he buys his way into the nomination by donating some fund for the renovation of the school library. Although he is very much occupied with his work, he makes sure to accompany his wife to their daughter’s school for admission and later as promised they fly back to India on vacation.

Once they reach Goa where Dave’s in-laws are living, whole life of Dave begins to change when he realizes the distance he had created between their family bonds. His daughter Alex never wants to spend any time with him. He had also stopped being in touch with his school friends over a very simple issue that happened more than a decade ago. He somehow manages to spend some quality time his daughter and in-laws. The characters have been developed very well throughout the book. The book includes a lot of flashbacks from Dave’s school life which keeps the readers hooked to the book wanting for more.

Will he get his daughter back? Will he win the ‘Alumni of the Year’ title? What happened with him in Goa and Kochi that changed him from being an atheist to a believer in God? Will his greed to climb up the corporate ladder stop? This books have so many important life lessons within a gripping, short and interesting story line. It’s more about mending our ways back to family, childhood and friendship. I personally enjoyed reading this book as its very much relatable to reality myself being in the corporate world.

I loved the following poem from the book:


In the graveyard of broken dreams, there is a common theme.

The couple who wanted to save enough before they traveled the world.

The writer who wanted to pay the bills before she wrote the bestseller.

The entrepreneur who wanted to work for one more year before he built the empire.

The social worker who wanted to earn a name before she fought for the cause.

The actor who wanted to get a stable job before he tried an audition.

Dreamers waited, so did their dreams.

In the end, the wait for the perfect time is what killed them.

Recommended: Yes


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