An Unexpected Gift – Ajay K Pandey

Hate is a choice, being a trans* is not

–Ajay K Pandey

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

One thing to expect from the books authored by Ajay K Pandey is, he really knows how to get around feelings of a reader, shed light on a crucial and sensitive topic in a beautiful manner, captivating story with some life lessons.

“An Unexpected Gift” by Ajay K Pandey gives his readers a heart-warming journey of love, friendship and motherhood. The book talks about the difficulties faced by Transgenders in society, how they are ill treated, seeing them as dangerous, filth, taunt and sluggish comments passed on them by society. I am sure the perspective of the readers towards trans will be changed even before they could finish reading this book.

The story starts with the grief of Abhay losing his wife to a terminal disease leaving him behind to take care of their toddler son Ayush. Abhay finds it really difficult handling things between his office work and taking care of Ayush. At this point, Sheetal enters his life as a caretaker for the toddler and she creates an immediate bond with Ayush, showering immense love for the baby, selfless, caring mother with a slight twist. She takes care of Ayush more like a mother and Abhay feels little relieved now but the society where he lives is an isolated place and they do complete background check for maids who work there. Abhay sense something mysterious about Sheetal as she is reluctant to show her identity. What is that she is hiding? Will she be accepted by Abhay or thrown away like others did to her? Will she ever be called as a mother? As per the title who receives the unexpected gift, is it Abhay or Sheetal? To know more about it just go and grab the book, I am sure one would enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions, feelings that Ajay sir’s other books does usually. It has love, friendship, motherhood, suspense, sacrifice and author does not forget to add a little humour here and there.

The character of Subhajit is something I have never witnessed in real life. Wish there were more people like him in present world, the way he understands Sheetal, brings a different approach who compels you to believe in the prevalent goodness of the world, mental support for her even when her own father disowns for what she has became.

The title totally justifies the story line with a different approach and the end was something which I never expected. I highly recommend this book to everyone as it’s not just a work of fiction but also has something for the society to take away from it. The writing is simple and lucid, beginners can easily grasp it, flow of the book is well paced and gripping, the story is simply yet touching, entire plot is so realistic and life like.

Giving up is not an option when someone calls you mother


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