A Girl to Remember – Ajay K Pandey

Loneliness is the biggest enemy a person can have

–Ajay K Pandey

My Rating : 4 / 5 stars

A Girl to Remember is a Book to Remember.

As always Ajay K Pandey never fails to pen down one’s emotions in a beautiful manner. The narration is lucid, easy for beginners to grasp the content, book cover is not only eye catchy but the title is also thought provoking. The narration is from first person perspective and also the author has given other person’s point of view as well along the story line something which I get to read only from this author.

Having read all the previous works from the author, this is completely out of his comfort zone and he had done excellent job. Every character has been given utmost care and equal importance in the story.

The story goes around these characters

Neel – Selfish, slave to his own desires, heartless and no feelings for anyone – the protagonist

Pihu – School going teenager who is in love with his Maths teacher for reasons untold

Annu – Mother of Pihu, self-made person, widow and landlady of Neel

Aarav – Only friend of Neel who walks in every phase of Neel’s life but not as bad as Neel

Nikhil – Brother of Neel and he is total opposite to him. He is the bestest brother anyone can wish for, such a kind heart person.

Neel’s mother is such a loving person who supports him even after knowing all the evil habits of Neel right from his early age, after all she is a Mother who pours limitless love for his son.

Every person has two sides in them – Angel side and Devil side. Every person born on planet Earth has some ambitions, some dreams, some desires be it getting successful in life, getting rich, sexual desires which no one wants to show to the world. How can anyone be tagged as Good person or a Bad person? Well everything depends on how one controls their desires, their way of conduct, behavior, etc. This story is about one such person – Neel who is a slave to his bodily desires, no emotions for anyone be it inside or outside his family and he is a Mathematics teacher by profession in a school. He stays in school staff quarters away from his town. One day he has been asked to vacate from the school staff quarters for his bad behavior with a student, but what exactly he did? Was it framed over him? Check out the book to know the exact reason.

At this moment Pihu enters his life, she is kind of obsessed with Neel for reasons to be uncovered and she offers him accommodation. Neel is irritated because of Pihu’s over attraction towards him and she assumes him as her Angel. But Neel adjusts himself with her because of her mother Annu who is not only beautiful and but also she is the landlord and a widow women. So Neel immediately jumps into a plan of making Annu fall for him so that he can become the sole owner of her property. Even though Annu gets to know every devil acts of Neel why she doesn’t stop him from entering her house? Why does she allows him to stay as a tenant in her house? What act of Neel made his brother to abandoned him? Will he be able to get his job back? Will he be proven guilty? Will his Angel side take over his Devil side? Will he be changed as a person? If Yes, what made him change? Why is Pihu so much obsessed with him?

Go grab the book as it takes you on a roller coaster journey of Life, Family, Faith, Relationship, Lust, Love, Single parent, Trust, Confession, Struggles and overall an Inspirational read.

Lines from the book which I liked a lot:

  • ‘A woman is a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter to someone. You can understand these relationships better when you become a father or a husband. A relationship is the mother of all feelings. You will realize that she is not just a body, she is much more than that.’
  • Loneliness is the biggest enemy a person can have.
  • Confession is the greatest punishment
  • A mother’s silence is the loudest scream.
  • Great achievements always start with small sacrifices.
  • Memories are a gift and a curse.

Recommended: Yes



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