Invisible Girlfriend- love, life and beyond — by EKTA CHANDNA

When you hang around angels such as yourself, you’re influenced to do good things

–Ekta Renu Chandna

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

Literally i don’t know from where to start, this books has everything that a very good entertaining book should consist (Romance, Life, Horror, Thriller, Suspense).

I read it in Kindle version and its a simple, easy read, simple usage of words suitable for beginners and a very fast paced novella which one could finish in one sitting itself, actually it’s so gripping and page turner that even a beginner can’t put it down. The title and the cover suits very well for the story.

The story has two protagonist Siddharth aka Sid and Angel Jawal aka AJ, both teenagers school going students. Sid falls for AJ at the very first sight and fortunately AJ joins his class. Talking about the family background Sid comes from a very well-to-do family whose mom and dad are Doctor by profession and runs a famous hospital of their own in the hill side of Mussoorie. Whereas AJ family background is a nightmare for any girl. AJ’s parents always wanted a boy and so hatredness was the only thing received by AJ from the day of her born, her parents even tried to kill her but fortunately she was saved by her grandma.

Sid and AJ gets befriended as they both go to the same class and as days passes by they get very close to each other. There are lots of common interest between the two but the only difference being Sid hates History class while AJ loves it. With every encounter with AJ, there is something suspicious about her which is clearly visible in her way of behaviour. One fine day Sid gathers all his courage and confesses his love to AJ and thereby bringing a small distance between the two but eventually she accepts his proposal. Sid invites AJ for a dinner date to his house when his parents left on a professional trip. He prepared dinner for the first time, decorated the terrace with romantic candle light theme and everything he could to impress his girl. While having their dinner, Sid’s mom suddenly turn up to the terrace asking what was he doing all alone in terrace with a candle light dinner. Gosh where did AJ go, how did she went invisible, what happened to her, everything left Sid in a utter shock. Grab the book to know what actually happened to her, I bet you won’t regret taking up.

The book has innocent romance, suspense, thrill, no unnecessary details, good role for all the characters, keeping the level of curiosity of the reader quite high, a chill went down to my spine in many scenes. Being a debut author, Ekta Chandna has done a very good job of Contemporary Fiction. There were some grammatical errors which would have easily been avoided while proofreading.

Some lines which i liked the most in this book:

She had eyes of a color unknown to me. Words Failed to describe her.

When you hang around angels such as yourself, you’re influenced to do good things.


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