You are my Reason to Smile – Arpit Vageria

My Rating : 2.5 / 5

One Line Review:
Typical Bollywood movie, love triangle

Brief Review:
Light read, suitable for beginners to get easy and comfortable with reading.
This is my first book by Arpit Vageria and he had done a decent job. The story goes around the protagonist Ranbir, Adah, Lakshya and Pihu involving Love, friendship, betrayal and some corporate difficulties faced in real life.

Ranbir always wanted to become a writer and lives for his dreams and at the same time he can go for any heights for love of his life Adah. But Adah doesn’t appreciate or values. Ranbir even though he dedicated his first book to her. All that Adah wanted was Ranbir to get a decent job and be practical so that her parents can accept him. But down the line things gets worse and they both takes different path in their life. At this moment, Pihu first reader of his book and fan of Author Ranbir enters his life and creates some magical moments with each other. Lakshya friend of Ranbir plays a very good role throughout the book and is the only character that didn’t change and all other characters changes. There was a very good twist at the end which changes the whole view of the story. Overall it was like one time watch movie, no impact.


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